Invitation to Publish!

In recent years, we have used the event booklet published for the festival to feature work from writers, artists, photographers, and poets, and we invite anyone interested in Polynesia to submit work.

Being published in this forum looks good on a university, grant, or fellowship application, and on query letters to other publishers. Our main goal, though, is to help nurture and display the creativity of the Polynesian spirit. It is our hope that this year, our 37th anniversary, we will have more submissions than ever before. We encourage submissions spanning any genre, and there is no age range for contributors. Our only concern is that the work features Polynesia in some way.

We prefer that all submissions be sent via e-mail, as we cannot be responsible for the return of any documents. Please include with your submission your full name, personal picture (optional), halau association (if any) and your location. If you are submitting a photograph, include the location where you took the image. We are glad to receive work from our younger submitters, and we suggest you include your age, as it will be printed in the program, unless otherwise requested.

Deadline is March 4th, but please contact us as soon as possible of your intention to submit something so we can prepare space in the publication.